Know it All

‎‎”Know it all”: Did you know that Braise is just a French word for Pot roast. Don’t be so scared of a simple technique that makes inexpensive cuts of meat tender. Braising is very easy….it has only 4 steps…Sear, add liquid, lower temp and simmer for an extended period.

‎”Know it all”: Adding salt to your water prior to making pasta will increase the temperature at which your water will boil. This improves the texture of your pasta, and will help you receive Al Dente pasta. Also, allow your pasta to lightly simmer with your sauce to allow the pasta to absorb the sauce, not just ‘coat’ the pasta.

‎”Know it all”:  A sharp knife is the key to confident cooking. Do as the pros do, and consistently sharpen your knives. If you haven’t had them sharpened since you got them as a wedding gift a few years ago, its time. Most hardware stores have a knife sharpening service. The ‘pull through’ sharpening gizmos will do damage to your knife in the long run, so spend the money to have it done right.

‎”Know it all”: When Buying shrimp you need to understand what the UB # count refers to. The numbers pertain to the amount of shrimp in a pound. UB 40 shrimp means that 40 of those shrimp will weigh one pound. Smaller shrimp are sweeter, larger shrimp hold up better to grilling and marinade.

‎”Know it all”: When making guacamole, return the large avocado pit into the mix until ready to serve. The pit has a chemical that keeps the avocado from turning brown.

“Know it all“: When cooking steak, remember to start with room temperature meat. Salt and season your steak only a few minutes prior to allow the salt to draw moisture to the surface and give a nice protein based crust. Also, allow your meat to rest after cooking, this will help redistribute the juices

“Know it All”: The best way to clean copper pots is to use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar and scrub the pot using half of a lemon. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on cooking utensils, especially if heating them up.