Smoked Swordfish Dip

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Smoked Swordfish Dip
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Weekend Warrior Smoked Fish Dip

This is a pretty easy way to make smaller servings of fish dip.

As you know, I live in a condo on Miami Beach. This makes smoking fish at home a difficult prospect, and slightly illegal. So after some investigation, I found a successful way to make smaller portions of smoked fish and meats, without smoking my neighbors out of their apt.


The Cameron Stovetop (or grill top) Smoker is a really cool little invention…and it costs less than $50, with a sampler of starter wood chips.


I start by wet brining my fish fillets for 3 hours to overnight (7 hrs.)

The brine is simple, and there are a bunch of recipes online but I like:


1/2 cup of Brown sugar

1 cup of Salt

1/4 cup of Spice Mix…try this generic rub


2Tbsp Paprika

1Tbsp Garlic Powder

1Tbsp chili powder

1/2tsp white pepper

1/2tsp Cayenne pepper




I make a wet brine, put the fish in a non-metallic bowl and place in the fridge..






I add a few spoonfuls of Alder wood shavings to the bottom of the smoker pan..








After the fillet has soaked in the brine, I take it out and add a dry rub. The dry rub is basically brown sugar and a healthy addition of spice mix…no salt added, as the fillet has been soaking in a salt based brine. I now allow the mix to dry under a fan or any cool dry place till the outside of the fish starts to look like I glazed it..takes about an hour plus, so watch the dog, cat and the fat kid..






My stove top smoker fits perfectly on my Meco grill…if you don’t know about this portable electric grill…well, look into it…..All I can say it’s the best non-wood grill I have ever used…heats up hot, sears and adds serious grilled flavor..perfect for the boat. I crank up the grill and wait till smoke starts to come out from the smoker. I then close both the smoker and the grill’s lid….and about 1.5 hours later…….






You have hot smoked fish….This is only a demonstration, you could fit more fillets on this thing…





Remove the fillet from the smoker and allow to cool…


For the dip….mix sour cream, mayo, chopped scallions, lemon juice, Worchestire and a hit of hot sauce..I also add Salt and Pepper.

I remove the skin and mix all the ingredients by hand with a fork…I prefer to keep the fish chunky, as apposed to pureed.





and serve it……