Smoked and Braised BBQ Brisket

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Smoked and Braised BBQ Brisket
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Cameron’s Stovetop Smoked Brisket  w/ Dry Rub Recipe.

I’m not sure how many of you have used a Stovetop Smoker, which is also known as a French Smoker…It’s not as good as a full (real) smoker, but for those of us living in a condo in Miami Beach, it works just fine. My neighbors havn’t complained (yet) and I just put my feet up and enjoy the light smell of smoking meat…keep in mind the buildling doesn’t allow any cooking on the balconies, so I had to 1. find a grill that doesn’t cause too much smoke but still gives good flavor and heat to sear meat 2. a smoker that wouldn’t give off that much external smoke…..

I had some good results with this smoker…see image of the smoker…It’s about $45 with sampler of wood dusts….So far I’ve made a smoked swordfish dip and this brisket. Both turned out good to great, and I was able to smoke the meats without major amounts of smoke coming out of the contraption.

I place the smoker, which is basically a large enclosed tray directly on a clean grill (reduces the grill smoking) and close the lid with the smoker inside..


Dry Rub for the Brisket…

1 Cup of Dark Sugar
1 TBS of Powdered Each: chili, onion, garlic, dry Mustard, cumin, black pepper, cayenne
3 TBS of Salt



Dry Rub (reserve 1/2)

Large Sweet Onion (Vidalia)

Large Red Onion

BBQ Sauce

Brisket (Thin of Flat cut)



Begin rubbing the brisket with your dry rub, making sure to cover the entirety of the meat. Wrap tightly and refrigerate for 12 hrs.



Prepare your smoker’s tray with 2 tbs of wood chips. I prefer the smell and taste of Hickory, and find it penetrates the meat better.









Remove the Brisket from the plastic wrap. and rub with a 2nd coating of the dry rub.









Set the grill on high. and allow the wood chips to begin to smoke.









Add your Brisket to the smoker tray.










Close the lid and allow to smoke for 2 hours. This is hot smoker, so monitoring the internal temperatures are not as needed, as with a cold or indirect smoking process.









Remove from the smoker and immediately cover with BBQ sauce. The outer ‘bark’ or smoked crust of the meat might seem dry, but moisture will returned to the meat during the croc pot cooking phase.










Add thick sliced onions with the smoked brisket resting on top. Set croc pot on for 4 hrs. As the onions cooking, they will steam the brisket.

After 4 hrs. turn off the croc pot. Allow the brisket to cool inside of the croc pot to redistribute the juices within, and the braising liquid to thicken.

Reserve the braising liquid and onion as a topping.

Serve on Potato rolls.