Lemon Pasta

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Lemon Pasta
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A great summertime pasta, that can be served cold or hot….very easy to make and can be made in the same pot you boiled your pasta in…..these kind of simple dishes require the best and freshest ingredients…this pasta is often found in the south of Italy, and is often served as a picnic item…


Pasta (Not shown)
First Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil (The best you can find)
Basil (Fresh, Bunch)
Lemon (4)
Garlic (Minced finely)
Parmesan Cheese (Grated)
Broccoli, Broccolini, Asparagus (any or all, rough chopped))
Red Pepper Flakes

Feel free to add ground sausage meat….









Heat your olive oil on medium….once hot, add garlic and red pepper flake…Allow garlic to slowly soften and sweeten until a slight caramel color begins.








Add chopped Broccoli and saute on medium heat.








Add Al Dente Pasta (See Kahi’s Note), Lemon juice, Grated parmesan cheese and chopped basil.

Stir aggressively to allow all the ingredients to mix throughly….by mixing, the starch from the pasta, mixed with the olive oil and lemon juice will create an emulsion that coats the pasta in a semi-thick dressing..








Serve hot or cold…but I prefer this to be served slightly chilled, as the dressing thickens a bit…









*Kahi’s Note:

Adding salt to your water prior to making pasta will increase the temperature at which your water will boil. This improves the texture of your pasta, and will help you receive Al Dente pasta. Also, allow your pasta to lightly simmer with your sauce to allow the pasta to absorb the sauce, not just ‘coat’ the pasta.