Sweet Corn & Crab Chowder

Posted by on Apr 26, 2011 in Appetizer, Pastas and Sides, Seafood, Step by Step Recipes | 0 comments

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This is a healthier variation of the traditional creme and butter based chowders most are used to. I make this quickly, and several personal variations exists. Serves 4 Starter size soups

1. Remove kernels from 4 large (white summer) corns while still uncooked.

2. Take back side of knife and run up and down the corn husk and scrape corn cream/milk from where the kernels used to be.

3. Place all kernels and corn milk in a blender and puree till smooth.

4. Add to corn mush to large stock pot, add 1/5 cups of fresh crab, this is a great time to use the shredded left overs or non prime picked canned crab (which is cheaper).

5. Add 2 cups water or crab stock (if you might have it). a few spoons full of Olive Oil or Butter if your allowed (I’m not).

6. Season with Salt, white pepper, Old Bay and a few touches of your personal heat (Tabasco, ground red pepper or your choice). I also finely chop fresh thyme.

Bring all to a slow simmer and let the chowder thicken using the natural corn starches. Variations include: Add small cubed potato, onions (green white or red) or perhaps use lobster chunks and claw meat.