Guinness Beef Stew

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Guinness Beef Stew
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Guinness  Stew…a sunday favorite from Dublin to Miami Beach. This savory recipe is a great group dinner that can feed the entire family.

I thought I’d share a sunday favorite. It comes with a story, if I may…..I few years ago I worked as a chef in a restaurant while I was in Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I was the lowest guy on the crew and my job each day was to make the staff or ‘family’ meal.

This meal was to be made to feed the entire kitchen and waitstaff from scraps and leftovers and fill the bellies of poor people. It was a great experience, and taught me how to make a little go a long way. It’s good lesson for today’s economy, and while it’s easy to make  expensive ingredients taste good, it’s hard to make vegetable scraps, leftover trimmings from the butcher and flat/stale beer into something special. This recipe is also known as hunter stew, so feel free to use venison, bear meat or any other hearty game. You killed it, and you deserve to eat every last scrap…That’s why God made meat taste so good.

Guinness Hunter Stew 2 Lbs cubed bear/venison/beef/pork- Use stew meat cuts, like trimmings off the backstrap or odd shaped pieces. Beef Jerkey works for this as well. Just don’t brown it as in the instructions that follow.

5 Medium Potatoes, cut into large cubes or quarters. 2 Large red onion, cut into large cubes Other root vege, cubed…put the kitchen sink if you want. Roll the meat in cajun seasoning, cummin, salt and black pepper, then roll in white flour.

Brown the meat in a little Olive oil till the meat is brown…..The bottom of the pan will get some color too, its a fake roux made from the bits of flour and meat thickning up…and should be nice and chocolate color. Not burnt. Add some herbs if you have them, rosemary thyme or a dry mix will do the trick. Garlic, sure….green peppers, why not? Got a garden full of Tomatoes starting to brown, add that. Add your vege and brown them also….When the vege’s are brown, add a shot of bourbon or brandy or any dark booze. The type of ‘swill’ that makes you want to howl at the moon, and fight your dad even though he’s been dead for 20 years.

When that liquid cooks off add 2 bottles of Guiness dark stout beer…..and let that cook for a bit. Add some beef stock or a touch (large spoon full) of tomato paste and let that all cook down to a thick soup or thin stew.

The color……at this point it looks ugly..but much like life…it looks bad but taste’s great. Serve over rice or mashed taters or even pasta….This can all be done in croc pot on low for 6 hours.. set it in the AM have it ready when you get home.